February 16, 2006

Keep on giving it to them

Here ya go,keep on giving the damn kids a drivelicense.

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I am back!You gotta love the justice system!

Yes,thats right,I am back.At least for today.
Heres a good one for y'all.
And to give you my opinion......how the hell do you break a kids arm with a thin stick like that?Not to mention that the boy deserved the beating and I would have probably done the same!
But no......you can't EVER EVER punish your children anymore.Fuck that shit!
Oh and this....it happened THREE weeks ago and they did not notice EARLIER?
What a bunch of BULLSHIT!
Yes,parents of America.......I personally believe that lying is one of the WORST things a child can do to its parents.And considering that boys age....man,I would have taken a a fucking belt on top of the stick!
Now go forth and hate me and never forget that your children belong to the Government!

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