March 22, 2007

Just wondering....

.......if there is anybody out there?

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March 21, 2007

Yo Bitches!

So here I go through the news this morning and find this article about a seminar themed: "does Hip Hop hate women?".
It makes me wonder if people have nothing better to do than study and discuss the effects of some meaningless music?Worse,once again it may be hateful toward women.I don't know man but for some reason it brings my thoughts to this:

I just always wanted to thank those female activists or whatever they are called (hardcore bull-dikes?),who back then in the 60's or 70's started taking their Bra's off and wanted equal rights to men.Fine.You got what you wanted,now leave it alone.
Granted,it nowhere in this article states that it has anything to do with these female activists but I am pretty sure thats what it is made for.Who else is wasting time on such bullshit?
So some rapper sings "I want to fuck you.I want to rape whore...." and automatically the entire female population on this planet is assumingly rappers/hip-hoppers that is.Granted,allot of the rap/hip-hop music has some serious bullscrap in it,but thats just what that is: BULLCRAP.Besides the fact that sometimes people need to listen a bit closer.Most rap-music/hip-hop has some kind of meaning for the person who sings it.Its based on some event in their lives.So listen more closely,because maybe,just maybe he's talking about the damn hooker down the block in his nasty ghetto hood.But yeah,I hear it now.....that poor hooker!Damn now,she had no choice,right?
Look,Dudette....if the rapper/hip-hopper got the fuck out of the ghetto by doing some kind of creative thing (hating women,I guess) then the bitch down the corner can get out as well,dontcha think?
My bad.....I must go forth now and feel sorry about the scum of society,waste my time about worrying that Mr. Ice Cube (GOD I LOVE THAT GUY!) may be personally attacking me with his music.Oh wait......I got common sense and a life.So have a good day you hated women!
I just had nothing better to do this morning than to read the news,post this and fuck with y'all.:-)

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March 15, 2007

I miss you,buddy!


This is my Buddy Henk.I had him for 8 years.
He's been gone since November but I still miss him.
Bye Bye Buddy.......I hope you are doing OK!!

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Oh yeah.....its time to feed the birds!

Maybe I am taking my "Redneck'tism" a step too far.....
Nah......screw that.There is no such thing as too much Redneck,wouldn't y'all agree?
To set an example I had requested a special birdhouse.So my Dear Friend over at Sompopo's made me this:


Pretty damn awesome!You see,there is no such thing as too much Redneck!
Thanks a super bunch, Sompopo!!!

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March 08, 2007

Eat mor chikin!

I found this in the news today:

Chicken-Eating Cow Becomes Celeb.

I bet y'all a million that this cow works for Chick-Fil-A!!!

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March 06, 2007


This past weekend was a blast but a bit crazy,too.
Some people can be such assholes at times,it ruins the good mood of half the room full of people.
Me and my friend went to see out favorite band "Under The Radar" on Friday and Saturday.As usual we had a blast because they absolutely kick ass.Of course we all had once again a few pitchers of Buddy too much and decided to first go to eat and chill before driving home.So we went across the street to the almighty Wafflehouse.Trust me I hate that place but it was the only option on walking-distance and the only place still open at 3 am.
There we are and as usual at Wafflehouse they took their sweet time to even bother taking an order.Naturally,people got pissed.But there are always people who seem to have all the patience in the world,even tho they were waiting already even longer than we did,and some chick had to turn around and bitch.
"would you guys please refrain from cussing,I am trying to have a nice,quiet dinner with my husband here".
Alright....3:30 am....WAFFLEHOUSE?!......quiet dinner????
Cool.....yeah we said,sure,whatever,we'll shut up.
That "shutting up" lasted about 10 minutes before we once again realized we STILL had NO service.So we bitched again and the chick also started bitching (at the waitress this time).Of course me and my friends thought it was wired that she now was allowed to cuss but we were not.Strangely she apologized to us but I guess that sat a bit wrong with my friends.So they got into an argument.Next thing you know they all bitch and yell and the waitress was on the phone to call the cops.We and my friend got the hell outta there,leaving my other friend behind arguing.When I smell cops,I guts to go. big deal but I just can not get over it how people seem to see the Wafflehouse as some "super diner" and want to have a "quiet,nice dinner" there?I mean where do all the drunks go after being all night at the bar?Wafflehouse.
Wafflehouse,where food tastes pretty good,provided you'll ever get served.Where the floors are nasty and you are almost guaranteed to meet some low-life idiots.
Maybe there are better Wafflehouses somewhere but I still have to find one!
Note to the chick: want to have dinner at 3 am?Nice and quiet?Try the Hilton!Not sure if they'll be open but let me assure you the service and food are better and you will most likely be able to enjoy it,nice and quiet.
Until then:
I am the inventor of cussing,the master,you can not stop me!;-) least not at the damn Wafflehouse!

Have a good week y'all!

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March 01, 2007

Here we go again!

About time for some more action from that end!
(Of course I am known for my sarcasm.....)

Columbine Evacuated After Bomb Threat

LITTLETON (AP) -- Columbine High School was evacuated Thursday after officials received at least one call about a bomb threat, authorities said.

Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said students were being taken to a nearby park while bomb squads and dogs searched the school. Eight years ago, Columbine was the site of the nation's deadliest school massacre when two students opened fire on their classmates.

Kelley said she believed more than one threat was called in Thursday beginning at 9:30 a.m. She did not know whether the caller made reference to the April 20, 1999, attack by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who shot and killed 13 people before taking their own lives.

"Most of the threats that have been associated to that school made reference to past events that occurred there," Kelley said. "But a bomb threat to a school is as serious at any school as it is at Columbine."

Columbine has about 1,850 students, said Marlene Desmond, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Schools.

The threat was being handled the same as other threats elsewhere, Kelley said.

(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Crazy? ya go.....this county in Alabama lets your dog shred up kids to pieces and all you gonna get is a fine of $2 - $50!

Fourth Grader Attacked by Pit Bulls

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- A Tuscaloosa County fourth-grader is recovering Thursday from a pit bull attack.

Police said ten-year-old Matilynn Williams was bitten by two pit bulls on the way home from her bus stop Wednesday. The attack came a week after the same dogs attacked her eight-year-old brother.

The Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.

The dogs' owners surrendered the female dog to sheriff's officials to be euthanized. They apparently haven't yet surrendered the male dog.

Matilynn had gotten off her bus from Englewood Elementary School when the dogs charged her. Her mother, Sandretta Williams, heard her screams as she was walking to meet her.

Matilynn received stitches at DCH Regional Medical Center.

A week ago, Matilynn's brother, second-grader Matthew Patton, was bitten by both dogs while riding his bicycle in the community just west of Alabama Highway 69 in south Tuscaloosa County.

He found a cigarette lighter on the ground and lit it to scare one of the dogs off. A neighbor chased off the other.

Matthew was treated for four bites on his arm and two on his legs.

Tuscaloosa County's law on dogs running loose says that dog owners must keep their pets on their property or keep them under control when they're off the property.

Violation of the law is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine ranging from $2 to $50.

(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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So here I am once again...

Yes,I have decided to come back.After a year of absence,my frustrations have become piled up enough to make a come-back here.
Of course I am hoping someone out there still remembers me!
We had one hell of a busy year around here with lots of new things and people to talk about.We have new animals and the kids have grown a lot.After 8 years we lost our favorite cat Henk,which put a major gap into our family.But we have to move on.
We got a new cat (no replacement but it fills in the gap a bit),who originally was to be a male....well it turned out to be a female.
Oh well...gotta love Animal Controls ability to sex animals.LOL
And so on.......there is more,too much to write.All in all life has been challenging but good as well.
I am back!

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