May 23, 2007

F*cking Media!

All I can say is: WHO GIVES A F*CK?????
Don't they have anything better to gossip about?
I'll be damned if I wear my seatbelt on my property.
Now go forth y'all liberal assf*cks and start a Bush-Bash again about this:

President Caught Without Seat Belt

President Bush is taking heat for not buckling up. The president was caught on tape driving around his Texas ranch Sunday without his seat belt.

The incident occurred just one day before the launch of a new federal seat belt safety campaign. The president did not break any law. In Texas, you're not required to wear your seat belt on private property.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations annual "Click It Or Ticket" seat-belt campaign runs through June 3.

The Washington-based Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety said the president should set an example. A White House spokesman said the administration encourages everyone to wear their seat belt.

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May 16, 2007

Royalty...the lucky winner!

So I guess if you are of Royalty,you do not have to serve your country as others have to.
According to this article,your life is worth more as a Royalty than any one elses.
Way to go world!

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Is this right??

So,yes I realize pets are not people and I guess their lives are not much more worth then that of a fly but give this a thought:I know that we have to at times leave our pets home alone.There is no way of dragging them to the store or elsewhere ALL the time.A dog usually is kept to guard your place and a cat......well most cats do not apreciate the ride in a car,much less would I recommend taking your birds for a stroll (or your fish?) get my point (I hope).But if you bring your pet to a vet clinic,usually because it is sick or sometimes maybe for boarding,you are paying tough money and one would think that includes close supervision of your pet.But not so.Most of the time when the office closed,your pet will be on its own for the night.In a cage.Alone.And I doubt the neighbors walk in from time to time and check on them like you could have it at home.So I feel this story was preventable.Someone should be there to watch sick pets 24/7.
Sorry if I step on a nerver here but.....thats my opinion!

Clinic Fire Kills Dozens of Pets
About 6 months ago, Gwinnett County's Fire Department received a donation of several K9 oxygen masks. Wednesday morning was the first time they used them and they helped save several dogs. The masks were used to revive some of the seven large dogs rescued from an early morning animal clinic blaze. Three small dogs and nine cats, five of them kittens, perished in the fire, however.
A motorist driving by the Animal Care Clinic of Suwanee on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard called 911 after noticing flames and smoke coming from the main building around 1:15 a.m. It took Gwinnett County firefighters just over an hour to knock down the blaze and attempt to rescue the animals trapped inside.

The three dogs and nine cats that died were all on the main floor which sustained heavy damage. The surviving seven dogs were all rescued from the basement. All seven were taken to nearby Animal Emergency Center of Gwinnett on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, where they were reported in good condition. At least four of them benefited from the newly donated K9 oxygen masks.

Gwinnett County Fire Lieutenant Thomas Rutledge said the fire appears to have started in an office on the main floor of the clinic, which was closed at the time. The exact cause is still unknown.

I am just glad that someone who drove by noticed this......
And I feel very sorry for the people who lost their pets in a plcase they trusted in for their care!

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May 07, 2007

Paris Hilton sux!

I personally never liked her to begin with.She is spoiled rotten,irresponsible not to mention ignorant and just plain stupid.
And now.....oh what a suprise..........the bitch is going to jail.
Now the tears are rolling,its not her fault and shes been treated unfairly etc.
Well I say FUCK THAT!
I hope she gets her ass kicked in jail ,maybe she gets some yummy taco and maybe,just maybe, it'll give her a wake-up call.
Yeah right.....bitches like her will never wake up.
Time to go puke now........

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So,100% bleach no longer works to remove mold.
Otherwise its a perfectly nice shower curtain but the mold must go.
What will work??
No,I refuse to buy me a new shower curtain AGAIN!

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May 03, 2007

Ya think this country is crazy?

I think so......
There is this family of hard working immigrants.They work their ass off.They own a cleaning/alteration business.
So what,you ask?We all know we have immigrants coming out the ass here in the States.But this particualr family made me re-think a bit about beeing so drastically judgemental about ALL immigrants (including myself).
Immigrants or not,these are hard working citizens of this country.
And guess what?Thats probably EXACTLY why they are beeing screwed with.Just like any other person who trys to live their life the legal way.UNLike all the illegal peeps who live here......
Well,you judge for youself.And please....don't tell me you agree with this bullshit!I hope this asshole judge will get a counter-suit SO HIGH he'll live in the gutter for the rest of his sorry ass life!

Judge Sues for $65M over Pants

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Chungs, immigrants from South Korea, realized their American dream when they opened their dry-cleaning business seven years ago in the nation's capital. For the past two years, however, they've been dealing with the nightmare of litigation: a $65 million lawsuit over a pair of missing pants.

Jin Nam Chung, Ki Chung and their son, Soo Chung, are so disheartened that they're considering moving back to Seoul, said their attorney, Chris Manning, who spoke on their behalf.

"They're out a lot of money, but more importantly, incredibly disenchanted with the system," Manning said. "This has destroyed their lives."

The lawsuit was filed by a District of Columbia administrative hearings judge, Roy Pearson, who has been representing himself in the case.

Pearson did not return phone calls and e-mails Wednesday from The Associated Press requesting comment.

According to court documents, the problem began in May 2005 when Pearson became a judge and brought several suits for alteration to Custom Cleaners in Northeast Washington, a place he patronized regularly despite previous disagreements with the Chungs. A pair of pants from one suit was not ready when he requested it two days later, and was deemed to be missing.

Pearson asked the cleaners for the full price of the suit: more than $1,000.

But a week later, the Chungs said the pants had been found and refused to pay. That's when Pearson decided to sue.

Manning said the cleaners made three settlement offers to Pearson. First they offered $3,000, then $4,600, then $12,000. But Pearson wasn't satisfied and expanded his calculations beyond one pair of pants.

Because Pearson no longer wanted to use his neighborhood dry cleaner, part of his lawsuit calls for $15,000 the price to rent a car every weekend for 10 years to go to another business.

"He's somehow purporting that he has a constitutional right to a dry cleaner within four blocks of his apartment," Manning said.

But the bulk of the $65 million comes from Pearson's strict interpretation of D.C.'s consumer protection law, which fines violators $1,500 per violation, per day. According to court papers, Pearson added up 12 violations over 1,200 days, and then multiplied that by three defendants.

Much of Pearson's case rests on two signs that Custom Cleaners once had on its walls: "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service."

Based on Pearson's dissatisfaction and the delay in getting back the pants, he claims the signs amount to fraud.

Pearson has appointed himself to represent all customers affected by such signs, though D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz, who will hear the June 11 trial, has said that this is a case about one plaintiff, and one pair of pants.

Sherman Joyce, president of the American Tort Association, has written a letter to the group of men who will decide this week whether to renew Pearson's 10-year appointment. Joyce is asking them to reconsider.

Chief Administrative Judge Tyrone Butler had no comment regarding Pearson's reappointment.

The association, which tries to police the kind of abusive lawsuits that hurt small businesses, also has offered to buy Pearson the suit of his choice.

And former National Labors Relations Board chief administrative law judge Melvin Welles wrote to The Washington Post to urge "any bar to which Mr. Pearson belongs to immediately disbar him and the District to remove him from his position as an administrative law judge."

"There has been a significant groundswell of support for the Chungs," said Manning, adding that plans for a defense fund Web site are in the works.

To the Chungs and their attorney, one of the most frustrating aspects of the case is their claim that Pearson's gray pants were found a week after Pearson dropped them off in 2005. They've been hanging in Manning's office for more than a year.

Pearson claims in court documents that his pants had blue and red pinstripes.

"They match his inseam measurements. The ticket on the pants match his receipt," Manning said.

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