September 28, 2005

Weird Day

Today is a weird day...its hot outside,or rather pleasant actually,but when you look outside it looks just like in Buffalo right before its going to snow.
The temperature does not fit the landscape either....its really weird this year!

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I think its Wednesday a/k Hump Day?Usually this picture comes up on Tuesdays.My days are off....


Oh what to do what to do?
I have the choice of having a drink to celebrate Hump Day


to do the damn laundry.


Of course there are other things as well that require attention (such as the kids).But its a tough choice,people!!

I Don't Know

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A better day?

Thanks for the hugs and good advise,friends!
But I still don't feel better (or do I??).Relaxation?I have no idea what that is,I don't think it ever came up in my genes.Massage.....I get one every night from Jim,which is AWESOME....for the time being.But then its morning again and the same ole BLAH is back.Yuck. can only wish.The only time we ever had it was when cousin end his then wife gave us a certificate for babysit and dinner for our...hmm....lets see.....5th anniversary.Even then I could not relax,was worried of what might happen to the kids (or what the kids might do to THEM I should say).
Bubblebath......that sounds awesome!!I LOVE that......but my tub is too damn short for me!!!(I am NOT kidding here!)LOL
So after 10 minutes the neck and back pain overrule.

Bubble Bath

And for some reason,no matter what I try or family does not seem to be able to leave me the hell alone.


Oh and when they do.....well,then I miss them.DOH!Yeah,thats me.....its all MY fault.I guess I love the life I have one way or another.
I just have the BLAHS!!
Every day is the same,over and over again.Except for Wednesdays and every other Friday.But I guess in the long run that blends into the every day blah as well.Yaaaaaawn......BORING!


Technically of course,I could get a job,put my kids into the hands of the government,pay my ass off for daycare for the once that are not at school age and surrender my paycheck to some daycare center every week.Put up with some asshole boss or people I have to serve,pay the marriage penalty,owe even more then I get paid and eventually get fired for not shutting up.Oh even better.....and THEN come home to these people here (mostly the little folk) who then in return would kick my ass for not spending enough time with them.Trust me.....they are LIKE that,they can not even stand it when I go to the store alone or dare to leave them somewhere for 5 minutes out of sight!
Well,then again,I am not complaining about my life,it does not suck but it sucks.In the meantime I am going to allow myself the luxury of some

Marijuana here and there and a few Beer 2Beer 2 most nights as well as being the Queen of the Castle 2.
They don't fuck with me here.....they know better.HEHEHE

Club Me

BUT......I STILL want a vacation with my hubby.....ALONE........just him and me and NO damn kids.So WHO wants them?????????????We offer belts,food and hell....even health and dental benefits while we are at it.Just don't ask us to return for a snotty noose,boo-boo or some crap like that.Wink
Ok....Nitequil is kicking in (I really did have some kind of flu or so and so did Jim).......I better go hit the hay!!


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September 27, 2005

Meet Sam!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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September 26, 2005

The Weekend

I have two words for how this weekend was : IT SUCKED!
It already started on Friday when I discovered a dangerously damaged front tire.Luckily that happened at Wally's house,he put the spare on for me and drove over to QT to fill it up with air.
Girls night out on Saturday got canceled,Flor was very tired after work and I plainly refused to go with M alone (shes no good company,lemme tell ya).Actually I was pretty tired,too but M was whining all night because of her boyfriend being gone for the weekend.So we ended up outside having a few and laughing our ass off about "tree people" (don't ask) till almost 3AM.
Sunday sucked,nothing but running around for errands,cleaning the damn house etc. It just never seems to end.Now its Monday and I am so tired I can barely sit up,I feel sick as hell and REALLY need a BREAK!The damn kids drive me nuts with their shit and I am not looking forward AT ALL to the rest of the week,let stand the NEXT weekend!And its raining........
Blah....just BLAH....

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September 21, 2005

Check this shit out!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit!
This Pilot is a fucking HERO!

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Katrina Victims??

It appears to me that the people of Metro Atlanta have become more a victim of Katrina then some of the people who were actually there.Why?Well thanks to unloading victims into Metro Atlanta crime rate seems to be going up.There are reports of 4500 registered sex offenders among the evacuees,who cannot be traced down because they have NOT registered.A teacher,two days away from retirement was stabbed and robbed of all her a Katrina "victim".The carjacking that happened a few days ago in the Atlanta area,where the female driver was killed (leaving two children behind) and the carjacker shot by a bystander,well,the carjacker was a Katrina "victim".According to one of our neighbors sons who is a police officer,many 911 calls lately,involve crimes done by yup...Katrina "victims".
Same story appears to be going on in Baton Rouge.
So who is the actual victim of Katrina here??We are.Because criminals have been unloaded on us.Is it still safe to have the kids play outside??Will it be still safe for me to drive to Atlanta every other Friday,where I have to drive through some not so pleasant areas??What if I get stranded with my kids??Who can I trust??Granted,this has always been an issue to me,yet,now its getting worse.We already had enough crime in the Metro Atlanta,we do not need more!What about those who are victims of Katrina,the ones who have lost it all and are desperate to survive but actual help is being denied to them?I mean,I would freak out,wouldn't you?Who is counseling them to prevent them from turning into criminals?Times of misery create criminals.And the victims in the long run are not the evacuees but the ones who got burdened up with them!WE ARE!Catch my draft....

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September 20, 2005

Cooking for the kids??

I love cooking.I always have,always will.I can make you pretty much any kind of specialty or gourmet from scratch and have done so since I was a little kid.So,my kids grew up getting anything from Hungarian Goulash,Bolognese sauce,Greek name it,they never even likes McDonald's.And now?Now all they WANT is junk.What I can't cook is American,in fact,I am really having a hard time reading recipes a/k the package instructions for that nasty shit,sorry,I meant that Crap (oops..Kraft that should be) Macaroni and Cheese.It never turns out right for me,and I hate the smell and look of it.My kids love that shit.Jim makes REAL macaroni and cheese from scratch,I LOVE it,the kids hate it (goes figure,cuz its not American a/k from a package).
I give up....thats it...if all they need is THAT shit,which costs 25 cents a package,then they can have it.Makes the grocery list a hell lotta shorter and safes money and time.What I don't understand WHY they will not eat MY food?It tastes GREAT!I have a fabulous reputation when it comes to cooking (just look at Jim).Coming from many internationality's,in which there is LOTS of good food,my kids have ROTTEN taste buts!Crack open a fucking can of Spaghetti O's and they will EAT it.Make them GOOD Italian sauce and they refuse to touch it.No,they rather eat noodles with KETCHUP!I hope they never marry and American girl.By the time they are at that age NO American girl will know how to cook anymore and serve them all that shit

Crying 2
Not that I am trying to crack down on American "cooking"....ahum...

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Another boring Tuesday!

I don't get it.....why are Tuesdays SO boring??The pile of laundry has risen again to dangerous levels but today I absolutely REFUSE to go there.I am tired and bored....I need a vacation!Anyone willing to sponsor me and also willing to babysit my kids?No?I didn't think so.....goes figure.Y'all suck.

It's Not Fair

I'm So Bored

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September 19, 2005

I am so ashamed!

I never went ahead and said Thank You to Phin who made this site design for me!
So,before I forget AGAIN........THANK YOU PHIN!

You Are The Man

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September 18, 2005

The Party

So anyways...the party was great!We met Wally's kids and "Red Spoon" as well as the little grand daughter.Rarely you'll find total strangers get together and yet feel like you are at home.That was awesome.The kids had fun as well and the food was great!Flor made a KILLER salsa and Wally's burgers were awesome.Their dog is HUGE and just there.....thats all he is....just there.You could have fallen over him and he would have just looked at you in peace.One of the best dogs I ever met.He got along just fine with our puppy who passed out in front of the door.Well OK.....she passed out after she chased down the poor little granddaughter who got the creeps for a minute because of that.Poor little girl!But that worked out as well.
That said..... are a few pictures.Its hard to make a choice because they are all cool!

Red Spoon and the big doggie (Koobie??)


Passed out Sandy Puppy


All the kids


Flor and Ashely




Adrianna (B-day girl) and Red


Sir Wally (Sompopo)


Almighty Granddaughter,child of Adrianna,held by the awesome Burger (can you blame that girl for liking him?)


I could go on for hours but its sleepy time now.I think I got most of it covered and the Doobie Brothers..well....y'all already met them last week or the week before.

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Awesome from Google

Check out this cool Google Logo Maker!
I got me this:


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Another Party Favor

We had a SUPER GOOD TIME yesterday at Sompopo's house and again I have received a party favor.Bitch ain't right,telling ya,it's bullshit!!

Here is the evedence.....more about the party later.


Some may remember my big ass bruise from last year,but I am not showing that one again.

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September 17, 2005

Party with NASCAR drivers

Now according to Bacon (medium child) we are going over to NASCAR driver Wallace's house today for a party.
Wouldn't that be nice?


It's funny because ever since Wallace and Flor came over here to watch the Bristol race with us,Bacon thinks that Wallace is Rusty Wallace from NASCAR.



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September 15, 2005

Party Check List For Saturday

Puppy 1
Bike Riding
Beer 3
Chairs CHECK
Wheel Chair
Camera CHECK

Hangover on Sunday CHECK


Anything else????

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September 14, 2005

This coming weekend

Its only Wednesday and I am already worried about what to do this coming weekend!
SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS WEEKEND??? clue......yet,I am looking forward to it.


I Don't Know

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Hump Day

Yes it is Hump Day!
Which means.......start drinking early to celebrate the middle of the week!
Have fun!
For those who must work.....oh well.....too damn bad,just start a bit later then.


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September 13, 2005

I am SO bored!

The house is clean (yes,I got up early today),the kids are outside doing their stuff and not needing me,dinner is cooking.....I AM BORED!I have NOTHING to do!
I suppose I could do this 4 ton pile of laundry,which has been occupying my sofa for the past days......then again,who wants to do THAT!?


Maybe I'll have me a beer,do some drugs or get me a Doobie Brother somewhere.......then again,I gotta drive to the store tonight.But its only 2:30 om and I got till about 7 pm to sober up.Oh what the hell....its 5 O'clock somewhere,lets get a cold one!Or call it LATE LUNCH!


UPDATE: about two hours later is looks like this now.


And still I had no cold one nor any other pleasure.I am very proud of myself (NOT!).

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September 12, 2005

Why won't my kids wear shoes?

I am worried about the well-being of my kids (or am I?).They will not wear shoes!Not ever!Even in the store or anywhere.We got toes ripped open,splinters in the feet,yet,no shoes.
I am putting off on buying them shoes for the past......8 month??Why bother!!!!??

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If life throws you Lemons....

...make Lemonade,find someone with Vodka and PARTY ON!(Quote from Good Old Ron White).
In short.....this weekend was amazing!!
We had a birthday part including cake,candy,BBQ,beer and lots of sports.Our goos friends from over at Sompopo's Revenge as well as Trey came over and it was just too much fun to mention.Cousin G came over as well and granted us a good laugh by breaking off the back legs of one of th lawn chars and falling flat to the ground.
All in all a wonderful day with lots of fun.Only one incident was absolutely UNACCEPTABLE which Trey is explaining.I am too mad to write it down.SO go there and read it there.

Maybe later I'll pst some pictures.

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September 08, 2005

May I have some please?

These Doobie Brothers aren't mine...but a person can always dream,right?



This goes with it....
Download file

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Trivia solved

Yes,Sompopo a/k the many names hes using,its Feargal Sharkey and the song is "A good heart".Already is a picture of truely the uglies singer I have EVER seen!LOL

Told y'all......


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Happy Birthday Bacon!

Yes,the medium child,Bacon,the one who sticks "coupons" (tampons) into sleeping neighbors turning FIVE today!


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80's Song and Artist Trivia

I am starting up 80's song trivia,song name and artist please!Right,10 points for the one who can name the most likely most ugly singer ever!The one who wrote this song (your only getting part of the song,tho!):

My expectations may be high, I blame it on my youth

Soon enough I'll learn the painful truth

I'll face it like a fighter then boast how I've grown

Anything is better than being alone

Well I know 'cause I learn a little every day

I know 'cause I listen when the experts say that...

Oh this is going to be interesting!LOL

Upon request......a little hint:

"Derry's Undertones remain one of the most fondly remembered punk/pop bands to emerge from Ireland in the 1970s...."
This is just a hint,not the singer/artist.:-)

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September 07, 2005

I am a sucker....

I am a BIG sucker!Today I took in the dog of a family,who adopted one of our kittens.He is a big Golden Retriever named Tanner.The family claims he is too big for their kids,they are scared of him.He's a big dog and loves kids and that's the problem,for them.They also both work and the dog is mostly home alone,therefore super hyper.They said they were looking for a home for him but could not find one and were the rock bottom of their nerves.That's when I had to open my mouth and offered to foster him.So,here we are.....four dogs.One kitten gone,gained another dog.What was I thinking?And WHY am I such a sucker for animals??????????????????????????
So wish me luck NOT to get attached and to find him a home.

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New Orleans and Katrina

I have decided that I am sick and tired of hearing that New Orleans victims are suffering because they are mostly black and we discriminate them,therefore it makes it an act of racism.FUCK THAT!
If you are a dumb ass nigger or a piece of stupid,lazy white trash and you cannot get your ass out on time when told to leave,then FUCK YOU!And don't tell me there was no money or transportation (I know a bunch of busses,not used for evacuation have been flooded),where there is a will there is a way.So FUCK YOU!From now on,since you asked me so nicely:YES,I AM now OFFICIALLY discriminating against stupid, mother-fucking assholes.
Everyone else may count on my support and is welcome to any kind of help I can offer.
God damn what kind of brain does one need to understand this BULLSHIT!?
AMEN and now I am SICK AND TIRED off hearing about it!
Of course now I am at risk for being shot at.I say:BRING IT ON!I'd die any day to proof that people are STUPID and I got MORE brain then all you idiots together.

Again I will apologize for my French and/or offending anyone.Yet,people with brain will understand.People without brain will scream "RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION!".Catch my draft???

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September 02, 2005

News From New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina Special Report

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Victor can be so demanding!

Ok,Victor...upon your request,Jim and I went digging for the toilet cup story.We should charge you for it because it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to find it,recover it and then get it to be send to me!!!But your wish is my command,so here ya go:


I honestly do today.I just can NOT feel the love today!My children are going through a phase of destruction.The little ones,both of them.Jim and I got some Lenox brand birds for our wedding,THEY broke them.They also broke through locked doors to steal candy.They are CRAZY!But what Bacon did today just totally kicked the mother of all bad things in the ass (for now,worse might come).He threw a plastic cup into the toilet and flushed it.It didn't get very far but far enough for the water to drain and me not to notice it.So,it was PM,I started cooking dinner when Bear came up to me.....

Bear:Mom,there is a lot of poop and a crayon in the toilet!


Bear:Yes,A LOT!And it won't go away.

Me:Alright,lets check.

I took the pan of the burner,grabbed a plunger and headed for the bathroom.Yup...there is was....all stuck and very full of.....shit and everything Bear mentioned.And just when I thought I had it under control,the whole damn toilet flooded over,2 inches of water EVERYWHERE.



Bear:But I didn't do it!


Bacon:Burger took a cup this morning and flushed it down!I SAW HIM DO IT!


Bacon:Yes,I really did.I SAW him do it,that's NOT good!





Bacon: Well,neither did me or Bear.

Burger:Bacon did it!


Bear:But I didn't do it!


Bacon:Yes I did.


Bacon:Because I peed into the cup and it had to go in the toilet!

Now people,let me tell you that I was boiling over and about to KILL him!I yelled,yet stayed calm and I also was about to break out into hysterical laughter.

Me:You PEED in a CUP and FLUSHED it?!?!

Bacon:Yes,sorry I did that,but I really had to.Pee just doesn't go into the trash can.

Me (thinking):Well neither does a f***ing cup belong into the toilet!


So I let him off the hook,kept on plunging and borrowed my neighbors toilet snake.It did not good.Jim tried when he came home....nothing.SO,we ended up having to call our home warranty company and have them come in to fix it.Now,you say 60 Dollars co-pay is NOT that much.No it isn't but we don't get paid until Friday.SO my friends,the piggy banks have been confiscated and their allowance for the next YEAR,too.


Why was it that I had kids again???????????

And I honestly don't care if anyone thinks of me as cruel or a BAD mother.

DAMN SKIPPY I AM BAD!Especially today.


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What happend to Flaptrap?

Some people have asked me what happened to Flaptrap.Lets just say,I was bored with it,it wasn't;t my style anymore,template as well as set-up sucked and we never got around to change it.I also didn't like the name anymore and one day I got pissed off with the amount of spam posted and a certain group of people who had joy to use my blog to harass me,that I simply went and deleted the entire thing.
Yet,as time went by,I wanted a blog,just not Flaptrap anymore.

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September 01, 2005

Crazy People

What is wrong with you damn Georgians??You hear "no gas!" and run to the gas stations,blocking roads for MILES and MILES,so no one can't even get anywhere for anything else!Oh and the best part is:all the gauging is YOUR fault!If y'all wouldn't have panicked so much and ran like flies to a pile of shit,you would have not given them a reason to raise the prices and take advantage of you.Anyways,I suggest y'all just calm down and fucking wait.There WILL be more gas!This is NOT the end of the world,nor a reason to get all ugly at the gas stations.All the panic,fighting and fussing for NO reason.
Anyways..I did NOT fill up and pay 5 Bucks a gallon.I did however cancel a party on Saturday because I can't afford the extra 100 miles.And I guess the lawn will have to wait a few more days.
I am just waiting now for reports of people stealing gas out of other peoples cars...

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