November 27, 2005


We had a good one.It was warm outside,we hung in the front yard getting drunk,had dinner,went to some neighbors for desert and to play some Pictionary,went back home,lit a fire in the barrel and sat there freezing and drinking till 2am.My food was good....







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November 26, 2005

You might just wanne bone her...

just don't wait TOO damn long!!

Download file

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November 22, 2005

I am thinking...

How much am I able to trust you if your last name is LIESAC?


Is it time to shave when you feel the wind brush through the hair on your legs?

Just Wondering

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November 18, 2005

Uncle Sam loves you!

The state of Georgia has decided,that names of parents,who's children,under the age of 13, miss 10 or more days of school, will be handed over to the police.Reason:
There may be domestic violence in the family,which makes the children unable to attend school,and the only way to find out is by handing the names over to the police.
Parents then have to go to court and explain why their children did not show up in school.Punishments vary from jail time,fines to community service.
Children 13 and older are assumed to be responsible for their own actions and therefor thrown into juvenile detention.DOH!OK,thrown in jail for not going to school and then staying out of school because you are in jail.Yeah,makes totally sense to me.As well as that they will take away the driver licenses of students who miss more then 10 days of school.LE WHAT?
How exactly does that relate to school again?
Fucking government needs to mind their own god damn business and stay the hell out of family lives.Who says our kids miss school because of domestic violence??And if so....its none of their fucking business either.
I am so sick of hearing that the US is the GREAT country of FREEDOM.
Freedom my ass!Where is this freedom????Fucking public schools are worse then the military!
Tell you what.......I rather have stupid children than handing them over to the government schools.Anyone who still sends their kids there is blind,ignorant and just plain out of their mind!Might as well send yourself and your kids straight to jail.Do not cross start,do not collect 200 Dollars......

BTW this whole thing runs under the "No Child Left Behind Act".

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November 15, 2005

The end of SnoozeButtonDreams

My husband over at SnoozeButtonDreams has decided to hand his blog over to others.The reason?He said something about only posting once a week or so due to lack of time.So what??I liked the sporadic posts.Now its a mess.Seems like some male-macho kabaza with not much sense to it.Nothing funny anymore just sense-less posting.I am disappointed.Very disappointed.I used to get a good laugh out of his blog,now I am just wondering who these people are who post now.I don't have much time to browse around and look on every blog on the web,so to me they are strangers.A little introduction would have been nice.
But my point is not to put the new posters down,I just hate that Jim handed it over.It sucks!If we all just want to use one blog anyways,then why having so many out there?Nothing personal to it anymore.I can't say anymore "hey!Jim had such a cool post on HIS blog the other day...." now I have to dig through strangers posts first and figure out who posted what first.
Not me.Sorry to say but for me this is the end to SnoozeButtonDreams.
Such a shame!
Crying 1

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November 11, 2005

Salute to the Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day to all you Veterans out there!

And remember.......
the Golden Corral will feed y'all for free on Monday!


Veterans Day

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US Law enforcement

So y'all know:
I think the US law enforcement system stinks in my opinion.The cops are corrupt assholes who do not USE but ABUSE their job powers.The case of the lady thrown to the ground at the Atlanta Airport last year proofs it all.The guy is getting his job back.Despite the fact it all was taped,they say there is not enough evidence against him and now we have to feel all sorry for him because he had had no income for over a year.Maybe he should have kept his hands off her then it would not have been like that.Yes,if a police officer tells you to move,well,guess you gotta move.The problem is,that the way they talk to people,it intimidates.And if one does not respond at an INSTANT they use brute force.I have lived in three countries and have never seen police officers as intimidating as they are here.One has to be worried to be shot for a traffic violation.We all remember Rodney Kind,that speaks for itself and in the case of this lady here it makes me just crinch.In Germany and Holland a male officer is by law not allowed to physically handle a woman,unless there is an absolute criminal reason.Sorry,male or female,the airport situation was no such case.I have been at the airport,the fucking cops flip out with bloody faces if you dare to stand there as much as a second too long.A simple "sorry officer,I will move in a second" can result in getting into big ass trouble.
I know the US has lots of criminals,considering its size more then the countries I lived in,yet I believe there is NO need for the cops to reflect this on everyone and abuse their powers.Have I ever met a nice cop?Yes,once or twice.Both very very young officers whom I would like to see in about 10 years.We used to be raised that police is your friend and helper.Sorry,I no longer believe this.
One of my old neighbors was married to a cop.We have seen and heard shit,one won't believe.She was abused by him,the station he worked for (Alpharetta PD) had the pictures and covered it up for him in COURT.His lawyer was friends with the Gwinnett County district attorney,who's husband was the judge in my old neighbors divorce case.How much luck can a woman have???NOT.I don't want to go into further detail,trust me,there is more interesting shit about that divorce case,but the law enforcement system as well as the justice system are corrupt,just plain wrong.
Yesterday a guy got arrested for smoking pot.Guess he also did it in front of his child so he got charged,besides with possession,with child cruelty because of using a drug in front of a child.What a bunch of BULLSHIT!
How about going out there and take care of some REAL criminals and worry about some children that are REALLY in faced with cruelty?
Sometimes I have the impression the cops rather go after the little guys that are easy to catch and have nothing.From the big guys they can catch a few bucks here and there.Look at the NYPD,shit like that does not only happen in movies,cops ARE working for big guys and let them go free.
Anyways,enough ranting.This system sucks and that cop has NO reason to go free.The proof is there and yet ANOTHER cop gets away with violence!

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November 10, 2005

Hunting Dogs

I ma go git me one of them dogs here...


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GA Tech Fan

Now THATS devotion!
Check out my man Wally over here.
Ironically......if anyone remembers the ole Foster beer commercial.....same colors!
Since Foster is one of my favorites..I like it!

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That kid ain't right!

Whats wrong with this picture?The Burger on the John with a BUNNY visor!
Stupid kid....



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The news

I hate the fucking news!Here they tell us,very short,that a convict is on the run.Well,thats picture,just a brief description and hey...not even a name!
Thank you so much for being so concerned with our safety.I'd say,keep your doors locked for today and stay off the streets near a phone.Because it may just be ANY black guy in a blue windbreaker and white sneakers.
When is the news finally going to learn to shut the hell up unless they tell us the WHOLE story?

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November 09, 2005

Here's your sign!

Here we go.Category:Stupid Signs!
At the Indian Festival this was posted in front of a 12 foot BBQ.
Excuuuuuuuuuseeeee me??


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November 08, 2005

The 2005 Indian Festival!

Yes,we made it this year again to go there.It was awesome!
We went with Wally,Flor and the little Princess a/k their granddaughter.
I have so many pictures to chose from to post here.
We also had two Kodak moments,where we ALL,of course,did NOT have the Kodak running.Burger decided to get himself a Rattle Snake and ran for it.About two feet before he got there we convinced him to come back.We just yelled "BURGER!!!!!!!!" and he came back.....imagine about 6000 people staring at you.........right.Upon investigation all Burger had to say "I wasn't going to choke the snake!".Well,I am glad he had no plans on hurting the snake but rather get hurt BY the snake!
The second Kodak moment occurred during the Falconers show.One of them mini Hawks decided to land on some Ladies head!I think she froze.he he
So anyways....we had a ball there both days.I can't wait till next year!!!!
We also saw the chick who does the voice of Disney's Pocahonta,Irene Bedard.Good looking Sheila lemme tell ya.And this Snake Dude....uhmmm....very famous.....Oh yeah...Okefenokee Joe!
Pictures are in the extended entry.















I have SO many more pictures but its so much work to get them posted here!And the choice is so hard of which ones to post here.

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It's just another day of the week

I spent the entire day cleaning this here castle.My hands and house smell like Lysol,which beats the piss-smell of that cheap shit Pinesol from Kroger any day!
So now it is 3:25 pm and absolute boredom sets in.Jim won't be home till God knows when,says he has a business dinner at some Thai-restaurant.So I guess I won't have to cook actual dinner today.Kids will b e happy with the el-cheapo Macaroni and Cheese shit and me...well I guess I'll warm up some left overs from yesterday.
The kids are outside playing somewhere.It's too quiet.....I better go check!

Oh.....I suppose I could blog about the Indian Festival!
Note to self: Blog on Indian Festival!!

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November 07, 2005

Indian Festival

Until I will be able to post more on it,please go over to Wally's and check it out there!!!

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November 01, 2005

Just having some fun

These two pictures are funny:

This first one is courtesy of Wally

(Banned from Disney World for life)


The second one is courtesy of MoMo

(Dutch Swimming Pool)



Thumbs Up

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