October 23, 2007

11 or so homes wanted

My wife was a certified (or certifiable?) animal lover. She collected pets like other folk collect stamps or coins. We have a huge number of animals that she took in and took care of. We are keeping what we feel we can take care of and we've already found homes for several others. We still have quite a few that we need to find homes for.

If anybody in the Atlanta, GA area would be interested in taking in any of these pets it would be an enormous help. Please comment here or email me at jim AT jpeacock DOT net.

1 dog
5 cats
2 little fish
3 turtles

Dog - "Sandy". Aussie Shepherd / Golden Lab mix, 1 1/2 years old. She is very sweet and has been around kids, dogs and cats her whole life. She is also high energy and a bit for us to handle now.

Cats - "Apple", "Stitch", "Spooky", "Duffy", and "Chuckie". All girls except for Chuckie. Apple is the oldest at about 5 years. The others range down about a year apart with Chuckie the youngest at 6 months. Apple is an indoor cat (front declawed). The others are primarily outdoor but are indoor trained (litterbox & manners) and generally come in and out as they wish. These are the most important pets for us to find homes for. My mother will be here to help with the kids and she is highly alergic to cats so we need to find them homes very quickly.

Fish - I think one of the fish is a Molly. The other looks similar but is something else. The tank is 2 gallons or so and has filter, light and necessaries.

Turtles - Two year old box turtles about 7" across the shell. They have a 20 gallon tank with rocks, heater lamp and pump. The last turtle is a little guy about 2". He has his own 15 gallon tall tank with lamp and pump.

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I am very sorry to hear that.
Jessie was a dear online friend over years. She came always when she needed someone to talk to with problems. Lately i didn't hear from her and thought that is a good sign.

BANG - there came the news.

All i can say: "I hate this place where your loved ones can die."

What pops in my mind now is Elvis' song
"You'll be always on my mind"



Posted by: Elvis at October 23, 2007 11:44 PM
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